Multiple Choice User Actor Input

  • Beta Tester

    I suspect this has been requested before and it may be difficult to implement but if it is not it would be super helpful. I would love to have the ability to create user actor inputs where the user chooses between multiple text options and then that passes an integer value for their selection. This would be the same as what is already done for lots of stock actors such as the loop input on the movie player actor.

  • Tech Staff

    I second this..

  • i want to push this feature request with one more detail

    it would be great if a user input connected to a table would show the referenced Values / Text / … 

    my realworld case is a sub patch for a switcher remote and with that feature it would become more easy to visualize the different functions

  • Tech Staff

    That's some impressive thread necromancy. Also I too would find this useful.