[SOLVED] Sending osc to TouchOsc xy Pad

  • Hi, does anyone know how to send osc from Izzy to TouchOs.
    I have succeeded controlling a rotary with osc transmit with "/1/rotary1" but can't figure out for the xyPad.
    It's address should be "/1/xy1'". Does both x,y values need to be sent at the same time? Separately? How?

    Thanks for any help.


  • David,

    You need an OSC multi transmit, as in my picture.

    PS quand je viens à Fort de France? :~) 

  • @jhoepffner Bonjour Jacques,

    merci I'll try!!

    Pour Fort-de-France j'y travaille toujours! Faudra déjà que j'arrive a venir à un de tes formations Touch Designer.
    J'ai pris un abonnement Notch (ça va faire cher) mais c'est plus accessible dans la logique.

  • @jhoepffner Merci Jacques it works!
    You guys are too good!