​coordinated account and license info

  • I would really like a proper Isadora account, one where I can see my license information (for all registration counts, temporary licences, dongle registration info etc). It would be great to be able to link this to the forum account, so when I am logged in if I want to make a feature request or bug report all my info is there and I don't have to search through years of emails to find it, I can just log in, see all my details and fill i the form, could also be good to see all the bug reports and feature requests I have made too, and in an ideal world feature requests made through this would end up on the forum and could be voted on.....

    At any rate being able to view licence counts and activate and deactivate licences over the internet would be great instead of the reset activation if I want to move it around. 

    For dongle users this is more complicated, but if it was possible to switch to Ilok, which has a zeroe downtime option and an option for damaged iloks would be great. Basically I got the dongle version to be portable and cross platform, but it would be great if I could just move the authorisations around then I would not have to worry about this little USB stick that is so easy to loose. Yes I did attach it to a lanyard clip and am very cautious but there are some other options in between.

    I added a feature request at least for the a proper account where I can see licenses and make bug reports without filling all my details every time.

  • I second this. What you are describing sounds a bit like madmappers "your space" setup, but better. More convenient and safe than a usb stick too.

  • @fubbi yes, that's exactly the model I am thinking of.