Sprites larger than stage size / core image and sprites

  • I'm looking to place a tall stack of images above and below each other in y-space, and scroll between them so that only some of the images are visible at a time.  I have been using the sprite actor in combination with multimix to maintain simple global control over positioning,  but it seems once images are matted together to create a "canvas" that is larger than the stage, any pixels beyond the stage dimensions are clipped.

    This seems to be slightly different behaviour from just handing an image larger than the stage to the sprite actor, in which case it seems one can pan pixels onto the stage that are beyond the stage dimensions, but I may also be misunderstanding the limits of the sprite actor.
    I came across a post on the old forum about this very topic, and it suggested that there is a way to solve this using core image actors.  I'm wondering what the best way is to duplicate the features of sprite and multimix using core image?  
    Is there any non-core way to solve this?  Can one address "virtual" coordinates beyond the dimensions of the stage using regular video actors?
    ( CI is still very new to me, and I haven't really understood yet how best to move my workflow over, which currently generally involves creating user actors for each "channel" of output that contain 3d quad distorts and / or shifting and scaling operations to handle physical-projector-to-surface geometry correction, alignment, and any blends, and then using sprite actors in the main patch scenes to place and move content within the rasters for each of these user actors ) 
    thanks for any advice!

  • Dear dbengall,

    As long as you don't exceed the capabilities of the graphic card (usually 4096 x 4096, but sometimes 2048x2048 pixels) you should be able to move an image anywhere you want on the stage.
    You know, it might be easier (and much more efficient) to simply output each image with a projector actor, and then to offset their vertical coordinate with a Calculator actor.
    Take a look at the attached patch to see if it provides some inspiration.
    Best Wishes,


  • Thanks Mark!