How to map video on Led strip from Isadora?

  • Hi for an up coming show I'd like to map moving pixels on led strips.

    But I have no clue where to start as this type of ressources doesn't exist on my island.

    I did a workshop once with madmapper and remember needing adressable leds and an Art net interface, does this speak to anyone?

    Is it explained somewhere how to use art net in Isadora for newbies? Can someone guide me through the process? What hardware? I was recommended this interface, are there other alternatives?

    I'd like to create a new piece from my Blossoms series with simplier patterns than move on led strips placed i custom pvc tubes.

    I also found these AsteraLed AX1 but not sure I'll have this budget and it's controlled by an app. 


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    Hi there,

    To map pixels to an led strip you need a SPI interface (Basically a protocol that makes sure that every single pixel gets the right color / is adressed the right way).

    You can use an Arduino or indeed an ArtNet controller (What is basically DMX over Ethernet).

    Isadora natively can't do a lot of universes (Why, don't ask me. The plugin doesn't supports more then 'X' universes on a single controller..), so that is why you can use MadMapper and Spout to send the image that you make in Isadora to MadMapper and let that program handle the pixelmapping.

    If budget is narrow I would personally go for the SmartShow products (

  • @david i personally would use Chamsys MagicQ for this kind of need! and you can easily feed it into Izzi. Feel free to contact me for any Questions. 

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    So far I use Madmapper to do this in the background,(syphon out to mad mapper in)  but is a matter of time to do this in Izzy too ( in an easy way I mean) . Depending how many channels, you can use a simple art net to SPI converter like this one 

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    I have been using this controller with great success:

    I'm not sure how many universes Juriaan is looking to control. The device supports 4 channels, each with upto 4 Universes (I have tested with 2 each). So in theory this device can control ~2700 rgb leds.
    And Isadora can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. (myself I have only tested this with: alongside the other 4 channel unit)

    If you are using strips, it is likely that powering the leds will become your biggest issue. The voltage will drop at the strips get longer, and this will cause first the leds to produce in correct color (white will become orange, then red) and finally they simply will not function.
    This is handled by injecting power along the way. (there are a few way to handle this, so some research is needed)

    Isadora's actors for Artnet output/pixel mapping, can only capture pixel values from the Horizontal or Vertical lines of a video. I have had no problem rotating video so that I could take a angular element, and grab it from either the Horizontal or Vertical, but it does take some planning.

    Mark has written a tutorial that walks thru the process of setting up LEDs + ArtNet in Isadora here: https://support.troikatronix.c...