• I know the team are busy working hard at squashing the bugs of Isadora 3. I also know they'll be super keen to show off all the amazing new things at the Isadora Werkstatt next summer. Has anyone had a chance to look at possible dates yet? I would love to come, but am already getting work offers for next summer, so would be good to know the dates ASAP! Danke!

  • Tech Staff

    The dates have not been finalized yet but we'll announce them as soon as we have them locked down.

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @Woland,

    Would be nice to hear an update about this. I'm well aware that you guys are swamped with the new Isadora, but just an estimated, are we going to have a IzzyCon this year at all would already be enough for me :)

    Thanks !

  • Dear All,

    We can't give you the precise starting date and ending date, but it will for sure be during the week of August 12-18.

    We'll have exact dates as soon as we can.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Great, thanks very much. Putting that in the diary now. We can celebrate my birthday in Berlin!