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    I recently have been using ETC's new Response unit that allows MSC over USB and Ethernet. We set up Izzy to listen for the "go" command over MSC and halfway through the show would get izzy firing multiple cues and jumping back and forth. same part of the show every night. we then unplugged the response unit and wired back into the midi ports on the Ion via the UNO midi over USB interface. everythings working fine. anyone else using this device and having issues?

    thanks for listening


  • Tech Staff

    Hi there,

    This seems to be a programming error on the console, or an ETC issue. Please get in touch with ETC Technical support, they are super helpfull with such issues :)

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  • @juriaan It coudnt have been anything in the programming as it was intermittent. I program lighting for a living and there wasn't anything goofy there. the new gateway could be the issue. I will definitely chat up ETC. thanks for the response!!!

  • Tech Staff


    If create a support ticket via the link in my signature, send us your Isadora Patch, and tell us the sequence of cues that were going wacky, we can have a look and make sure that it's not something strange in the Isadora Patch itself.

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