substring highlight

  • Hi all, first post here.

    Is it possible to highlight a part of a string in some way? Doesn't really matter how it will be highlighted, whether via colour or with bold letters.



  • Tech Staff


    The easiest way I can think to do this is to convert lowercase, to uppercase ( I would use Javascript it has great text parsing features). If you know all text is lowercase, you can then just return the text to lowercase when you go to hightlight another word/phrase.
    The Text Draw actor doesn't offer format targeting, so there are limited options.
    Another option, might be to Cut the text (only works if you have a know number of highlights... ideally 1) so that the first block is Non highlighted, then with another Text Draw Actor you place the Hightlighted text, and again flowup with another text draw actor with the remaining non-hightlighted text.