36Q : Amazing Open call for Prague Quadriennale, performance artist join this project !

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    Hi there all, 

    I came across this amazing Open call of PQ (Prague Quadriennale, the scenography / theatre design / performance arts showcase that is hold each 4 years in Prague) that invites artist in different departments to create a work together called 36Q, read more information and let me know what you think :) I'm going to apply for a System Engineer position, connecting everything together with Isadora, TouchDesigner and other programming environments :)

    Short desc :

    36Q˚ (pronounced “three-sixty”) presents performance design as both an artistic and technical medium concerned with the creation of active, sensorial, and predominantly non-tangible environments. PQ now invites applications for artists to participate in the intensive process of creating a large-scale installation Blue Hour in collaboration with international leading artists at PQ 2019!



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    Deadline for applications : 11 January (!), make sure that your project websites are up to date and apply :)

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    @juriaan said:

    11 January (!), make sure that your project websites are up to date and apply

    Exciting! Thanks so much for sharing this with the community!

    I don't have time to update my info and apply, but if you get the position I'd love to come check out the showcase and maybe be your shadow for a bit. (I also love Prague.)

    Best wishes,


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    You are always welcome ! Let me know if you are attending PQ as an visitor, need to grab a beer with you :)

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    I'll let you know :)

  • When and where will you be at the PQ?  I'd love to meet up with you.

  • I'll be there from the 12th, for the last few days of the festival. I hope to connect with some people and check all the good stuff there. 

  • Hey, I'll be there for most of the PQ - have a packed(ish) schedule but happy to meet up... I'll be wearing a red carnation under the clock in teh industrial pallace ;-)

    Do we need a thread for this?

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    A lot of my students are working on 36Q - its an amazing set up.