• Can anyone make any recommendations for a fast file converter from .MOV and MP4 to HAP AVI's?

    I am using Adobe Media Converter CS6 and it's painfully slooooooow. I've been running 50 or so very short clips through for almost 24 hours and it's only half way through!

    Surely there must be something better? I'm running a fast Windows 10 machine (the laptop in my sig.)

    Thank you!


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    @DusX Any ideas?

  • I don't know if this is a hint, or not, but despite the program being assigned to the NVidia GPU in those settings, it is only running on the Iris 630......

  • @citizenjoe not all encoding and decoding functions can be GPU accelerated, strangely sometimes using a timeline in premiere may accelerate your encoding. However, CS6 is now a 7 year old release, you most likely have all your drivers and system up to date. This means that although your system will work, many accelerated functions will not be accessible, adobe, and other software that uses cuda and openCL acceleration is often upgraded regularly not just for the fun of it but to keep up with a very dynamic landscape of acceleration algorithms and drivers. At least on windows things stay around for a little longer so your 7 year old software will work, but don't expect cutting edge technology to function well. I would guess that with an up to date version of adobe you would get better results.

    This could be a workaround as your 1070ti and your Quadro M1200 did not exist when CS6 was released and adding them to the cuda capable cards may get you somewhere, here is a pretty crappy tutorial, but you get the picture: https://youtu.be/NFwKEUS4hVM. Your old desktop will be more troublesome as it has AMD cards, but these should be accessible for openCL acceleration if it existed in CS6. The integrated GPU does not have CUDA, so the message that it is running on the integrated card most likely means CPU only processing. 

    Keep in mind that the version you are using and the adobe pipeline in general may not support CUDA acceleration for this operation, it cant do everything, but some algorithms are accelerated with GPU compute algorithms.

    For another option check this out



    Basically they imply that HAP encoding is greatly accelerated on windows with ffmpeg:

    "After a bit of Googling, I found that Id software wrote a paper in 2006 about Real-Time DXT compression, and then Intel in 2012 improved upon this with more modern SSE instructions.
    The Id paper shows a 50x speed increase over Squish. This sounds possible, considering FFMPEG with single core was 8x faster than Squish (this Adobe plugin) which used 8 cores."

    If you install the mpeg filter from renderheads you should be able to use hap mov files on windows without quicktime.

  • Hello,

    after many tries, I found that myffmpeg works well and fast. Many settings (sometimes too much…), batch etc.

    on Mac, I use AVF Batch Converter, happy with it.

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    I haven't found anything that uses the GPU for Hap avi or mov.
    However, its possible the latest Hap mov encoder for Adobe products may use the GPU (I need to test this at some point).
    Adobe Media converter seems the easiest/fastest to me... but perhaps @jhoepffner can share the myffmpeg settings that work well for him?

  • Thanks for all the help. I will look at ffmpeg and MPEG Streamclip. 

    @Fred, I found that video interesting! I'm going to try that for CS6. Unfortunately, those setting do not appear to be available for Media Encoder. 

    I do know that I have to subscribe to CC eventually, but I've been resisting because I hate the subscription model (but that's another topic!).