[SOLVED] Isadora Control buttons not displaying on 4K monitor

  • I started to have a problem a few days ago with Isadora Windows version v2.6.1 and the main control/actor window on a 4K monitor (3840x2160 at 60 or 30 Hz).  When I initially started using that resolution the patch would open with the all my controls displayed in the control window. Now it opens with no controls, though the actor window is displayed correctly. I have panned and zoomed the control window looking for the controls, and occasionally some controls will flash for a moment and disappear. If I change the monitor resolution to 1920x1080, all the controls reappear. The video card in the computer is a Nvdia GTX1080. Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

    thank you

  • Tech Staff

    Try setting the windows display scaling to 100%.

    It is probably either 125 or 150 by default..  

    See if it displays correctly when set to 100% (no scaling )

    I have a 4k with scaling.set to 125% and it's fine. So I expect it's some setting.

  • @dusx

    Great, that was it. When I changed the display resolution to 3840x2160, Windows changed the display scaling to 300%. 125% does not work, but 100 is good.

    thank you,