• Heya guys,

    It's been a while since I last was on here xD

    This time we are attempting to launch a game from google home which has been built in issy. I've written a script to interface google with a server which outputs information and data which google can then use. However i'm really struggling to figure out how to either move this java into isadora, with the node packages it needs, or to send OSC from basic JavaScript. 

    Any advice you can provide would be helpful. 

    Many thanks


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    @DusX I thought you might be able to suggest something :)

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    Your best bet would be to send OSC from I guess Nodered (?) or your custom solution to Isadora, and let Izzy handle it from there as either a trigger or a live input for your game.

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    I am also going to suggest using Nodered to bridge the gap. Isadora doesn't use NodeJS, so some package may not be possible to use a js libs in Isadora (some can, with slight modification).
    NodeRed is a great option to run side by side with Isadora for this purpose.