• So for a Isadora based intensive at backstage academy, I raised a question about bringing in data from java or webpages, we thought we had come up with a solution using a pulse generator to force Isadora to reload the page. 

    However when it reloads the page, if it's been to that page before, it seems to be not connecting to the server, but instead pulling the data from a cache? Is there a way round this &/or a solution? (I'm looking into Node-Red based solutions as I post this)

    Get URLGet the URL with the added numberPulse MacroGenerate number and add to url

    Many thanks in advance


  • Tech Staff


    This solution looks like a good option, since the url parameters should make it clear that the page data may be changing.

    Do you have control over what caching setting the web server response with?

    You could try to connect to the web-server via the TCP-IP actors, this may give you more control over how the Http request is sent.
    see: http://www.dusxproductions.com...