A Real time twitter stream using isadora?

  • OK this is just a little bit of a side thing,

    A few years ago I did a theatre show which used a live twitter feed. We ended up just using tweetdeck on a computer that was dedicated to it ad the commercial twitterwall type software was all bloated with features that we didn't need and didn't do the bits we wanted very well.

    Now that I'm doing some more complex projection projects using isadora i'm wondering if there is a more elegant way to achieve this.

    It's not urgent, more of an academic curiosity.

    Any thoughts?

  • Tech Staff

    ScreenCaptureSyphon (cheap) or Syphoner (free) to capture the window running Twitter Live 

    Run Syphon (Free) Simple Client to get the feed from one of the above, then put a Syphon receiver actor in Isadora. 

    I've also just taken screen recordings of making tweets and thrown them up as videos.

  • Tech Staff

    I would suggest NodeRed https://nodered.org
    Its easy to use and has great OSC support.
    Connecting to twitter has become more complex over the years, and the current Oauth2 interface isn't the simplest to work out (might be possible using Isadoras TCP actors, but hard).
    Nodered can handle Oauth2 easily, and had builtin modules for doing exactly what you are asking about.

  • Thanks everyone.

    I'll probably have a play with those options soon before we bring that show back in the summer.

  • Tech Staff

    TCP raw in isadora with OAuth2. Challenge accepted !