[SOLVED] Problem with images /movies

  • i have a problem while programing 

    I put image player and projector put slide number as in bin. I then see slide in scene   No problem. 

    When checking programme layer I find that this scene with image is not working. When I check routing all ok. 

    When I check particular image in bin I the lettering has gone gray as opposed to all other images in bin that are white and projecting 

    Any ideas 



  • Tech Staff


    Dear Arthur, its very difficult for me to understand your english.

    When you are talking about the program layer are you talking about "custom Interfaces with the Control Panel"? (see examples HERE)

    Could you please try translating from your native language to english with https://www.deepl.com/translat...' and what system are you working with Mac or PC what OS version do they have and what version of Isadora are you working with. This will help us to help you.

    Best Michel

  • @michel

    Hi Michel

    I am from Scotland so your comments about native language were confusing. 

    Any way Im using mac book pro 

    Simple question why does some my images which are in image bins change to all grey in bin 

    And the projector cant see them

    As said when compiling the project all was good 

    Image was fine then when I programed project 

    Then when checking project No output from projector and when i look at image in bin the lettering is grey as appossed to all the other images that have white lettering 


  • Tech Staff


    :-) maybe its because you use terminology that is not common to use with Isadora, or its your Scottish accent.:-)
    When checking programme layer: I had no idea what you mean with programme layer?
    When I check particular image in bin I the lettering has gone ....: I did not understand what you mean with the text I put in bold.

    greyed out lettering means that Isadora does not find the video on the computer. Maybe you have moved it to another place. If you double click on the greyed out video a window opens where you can look for it yourself.

    Best Michel

  • @Michel 

    Thanks for your help 

    Makes sense 



  • Tech Staff

    as Michel says, the greyed out number means the media is no longer linked.

    What size are the images? I have seen issue arise from huge still images being loaded.

    Also, is any of your media on external drives? It's possible the connection isn't great, a brief disconnect could leave the link broken.