• Hiya, we're bringing our show Natalie Inside Out from the UK to Prague for a one-off performance on March 15th. Am looking to borrow / cheap hire some equipment there to save us carrying a million thing on the train from London. Any Isadora users in Prague that I could talk to about possible kit hire, sourcing, and so on?
    Mark (in Brexit London)

  • Hi Mark. you could try to contact the guys at CIANT (if it's still going - their website is down at the moment, which is not a good sign...) https://web.facebook.com/CIANT...

    I did a project with them a few years ago. 

    I think Maria lives in Prague: http://mariajudova.net/ she might also be able to help point you in the right direction (check out her work anyway - she's incredible, also lovely)

    x john x

  • hello,

    we did 2011 a workshop with andrej boleslavsky from ciant in istanbul at amber festival.

    he was from prague.

    maybe his mail is still alive: andrej.boleslavsky [at] ciant.cz

                                               kubelikova 27

                                               130 00 prague 3

                                               czech republic