[SOLVED] Macro and user actor confusion

  • Hi everyone,

    I have 2 questions.

    1: what is the functional difference between a macro and a user actor?

    2: how do a I get my user actors to be listed like regular actors in the toolbox rather than having to copy and paste them all of the time?

    I've set a global actors folder but they don't seem to show up anywhere in the ui that I can find.

    Thanks in advance I know that I'm probably just being dim

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    Difference between User Actors and MacrosUser Actors:
    • When you go inside and make a change, then exit the User Actor, you get the option the save the changes you made inside and update all the User Actors of the same name across your project with the same changes (Save and Update All).
    • Macros are singular instances. If you place three of the same Macro, make a change inside one of them, and the exit the Macro, you don't get the option to update the other two (formerly) identical Macros when you exit the Macro you were working on.
    Global User Actor Folder:
    • Once you set a Global User Actor Folder, anytime you add User Actors to it you will need to quit and relaunch Isadora before the User Actors will show up in the program.
      • Once you have done this you can search the actor toolbar for them by name, click in the Scene Editor and search by name for them, or click on the Toolbox Filter that looks like a little person (the User Actor/Macro actor bin).

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  • @woland Thanks, that was really helpful

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    No problem :)