• Hi, I know the v2 movie player is almost out, but I came across a strange one.

    I'm using a counter to step through and load new video clips into the movie player and at some point it'll keep playing the current movie ever though I've loaded a new one in.

    I don't think it's a file format problem thought I did try Pro Rez and Hap.

    tWitch Dancing v1_1.izz.

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there Craigw,

    It is a bit difficult to see without the footage. A short video showing the problem also helps tons !

    Thanks :)

  • Ok, Working on it now.

  • The first video shows it only missing once.

    The second video shows how it'll get stuck on one video even though I'm advancing it. With a keyboard watcher #1 key

  • This works fine on my Laptop. So I'll unplug all the cables on the show computer Monday to see if something external is causing the problem.

  • Tech Staff

    Thankyou for posting the test file. 

    I suspect this is related to a know issue which causes the background movie player to crash.

    We have a new 2.6 version in the works, which should address this issue. 

  • ok, I just finished testing.

    I was routing audio in the movie player to a display port, once I put it back to default and then router the audio via OS to the Display port the problem went away.