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  • Hi All, sorry to ask this as I am sure it has already been covered else where but I am unsure of the best route forward on this.

    I am trying simple to feed in live video from a Canon EOS 80D I have it connected via an HDMI cable but no joy as Isadora doesn't detect it in the Live capture settings.

    Do I need a driver from Canon? if so which one? I have checked Canons site nothing looks like the thing I need.

    The Blackmagic Mini recorder has been mentioned is that the additional device required?

    Any help really appreciated,

    Thanks Andrew

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    Hi there Andrew,

    If you connected a hdmi cable from your cannon to your laptop hdmi (out) then that is not going to work. You need a video grabber. To do so you will need an external device if you wish to use the hdmi cable. A blackmagic recorder could do the trick. You can also try a blackmagic intensity shuttle. 

  • Hi Andrew, if you are in Mac, you could connect your canon via USB and with Canon2Syphon you will be able to receive the image in Isadora with the syphone receiver actor. I have been use this method with no problems and with a very small delay, with T3i, 70D and 6D canon DSLRs. But if you want to use the Full HD capacities of your DSLR, then it is better to use something like blackmagic intensity shuttle, as @Juriaan   recommended.

    Best wishes


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    Canon cameras have a timeout for recording/livefeed. I believe it's 30mins.

    I have used https://magiclantern.fm/about.... to auto restart the video feed (about 1 sec of no feed, which was ok for my case).

    I use a Black Magic Intesity shuttle for capture of the cameras output.

  • the HDMI sockets on laptops tend to be signal out, not signal in. as you suggested, a BM Mini Recorder is a stable and cheap way of getting a HDMI signal into your machine.

  • @juriaan

    Many thanks, I will give it a go ,


  • @dusx

    Thats very helpful, Thanks


  • @juriaan

    Hi, I hope I can trouble for a bit more help with this Canon set up?..

    I got hold of the Blackmagic mini recorder which works just fine with other programs, i.e. OBS

     Isadora see it in the Input settings but I can not get a picture in the preview window or with the Video Watcher connected to a projector...

    It seems set up correctly... correct channel ect...what am I missing? any suggestion welcome,


  • @andrewjames

    the BM Mini Recorder will show a black screen unless the settings perfectly match those being output by your camera. You can change settings of the Mini Recorder in the Blackmagic desktop utility or in the Live Capture Settings window within Isadora. I usually go through them one by one until i find the one that works.

    you say it works with other software, which would indicate that you have got it set correctly. did you click on Start Live Capture at the top of the Live Capture Settings window?

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    You can use Blackmagic Media Express to find the correct/required setting.
    I believe it is listed along the bottom of the applications windows once the stream is setup.

  • @andrewjames

    Thanks..now working!