High quality intermediate codec for HAP transcoding on Windows?

  • For the past few months, I have been using Resolve v15 to create AVI uncompressed files which are transcoded into AVI HAP files using Virtual Dub, but these uncompressed files are extremely large(hundreds of GB). I determined I can transcode from any codec (in MOV or AVI) into HAP AVI on my Windows computer using After Effects CS6 or Adobe Media Encoder. I  typically use Prores 422 HQ as my intermediate codec when editing on a Mac, but I  cannot create Prores MOV on my Windows computer, Prores can only be read. I can output DNxHD MOV or Cineform MOV from Resolve, but Adobe Media Encoder cannot read these files. I have found the Avid website containing the DNxHD codecs at http://avid.force.com/pkb/arti..

    does anyone know if I will able to use DNxHD MOV files within CS6 after installing these codecs on my Mac and PC, or is their another intermediate codec that would enable transcoding to HAP and moving files between Mac and PC Adobe software?

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    @dritter said

    I was going to suggest DNxHD, but I am not sure about its use with CS6.
    There are also Blackmagic codecs I have used in the past that offer similar quality to Prores.

    I would suggest installing the codecs and seeing what is available in CS6.

  • @dritter

    On Windows, I use DNxHR to output from Resolve and I use Shutter Encoder, free http://www.shutterencoder.com/... to transcode to HAP. myFFMPEG is also working.

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    ShutterEncoder looks like a good tool.

  • @jhoepffner


    thanks Jacques and dusx, I haven't logged into the forum for a few days. Ok, I will load the avid Codecs and try Shutter Encoder.


  • @jhoepffner

    Jacques, after a six month pause, I am back to my Isadora/Kinect project. I have been using the Shutter Encoder software on my PC to transcode DNxHR.mov file  to HapQ.mov files. The transcoding is very fast with Shutter Encoder. My input files are 3840x1920 using DNxHR HQ(Resolve v15. 3). Is that what you suggest, or should I use DNxHR  HQX 10 bit? Also, is there any advantage or disadvantage(speed, file size, etc) using HapQ.mov vs HapQ.avi? The HapQ.mov files are approximately twice as large as the DNxHR HQ.mov files. Also, do you notice any quality difference between transcoding with Virtual Dub vs Shutter Encoder?

    Many thanks, Don