• Hello all,

    I have a chance to work with a BlackTrax system coming up and they have been pointing me towards: RTTrPM as the method they use to stream their data. 

    I would ultimately hope to be catching this somehow over OSC.

    Does anyone have any experience using a BlackTrax system with Isadora or any guidance about how one might get an RTTrPM stream into an OSC stream?

    They have also pointed me here: https://rttrp.github.io/RTTrP-... 

    While it is beyond me to work with the C++ / Python code they are pointing to am I correct that some one with that knowledge would be able to use this code to create a simple OSC passthrough of some sort?

    Regardless, thank you for your time considering these questions.


    Alex O

  • Tech Staff

    I believe it is possible to work with RTTrPM and Isadora in theory, however; RTTrPM is truly 3D based, while Isadora is primarily 2D based. To make the two work together will require substantial value/range scaling and calibration.
    The marriage of the two will not be as precise for tracking as it would be in a truly 3D oriented application, but surely can be made to work for a well thought out project.

    I spent some time searching for software projects that might get you close to sending the data as OSC, and only found a Python application that is reading the data https://github.com/CAST-Softwa...
    If this is working, it is not very hard to add OSC output in Python.
    I had thought that I had seen Openframeworks addons for working with this protocol in the past, but was unable to find anything developed.

    hopefully this is helpful to you.

  • @aolis

    Maybe this helps;


    • OSC Adapter for use with our RTTrPA protocol is now included in the installer (please contact CAST to unlock this module if needed)