First Patch I Ever Programmed

  • Tech Staff

    I was feeling a bit nostalgic so I decided to re-make the first thing I programmed on the first day I was introduced to Isadora in 2014 during a workshop with @primaldivine.

    Nothing fancy, but it was the first thing I did so I still remember it fondly.

    Here's the Download

    Does anyone else remember the first thing they did? I'd love to hear about it or see a re-created version.

    Best wishes,


  • Beta Platinum


    I was initially drawn to the real-time video effects that were possible with a live camera and a dancer on a stage. My interest was in the quality of projecting ethereal wisps of light generated by the dancers own patterns of body and limb movements. Without the benefit of an instructor or Isadora mentor early in this development my first patch was a reflection on the ephemeral ghost in the machine. Finding the combination of Difference and Blur in those early dabblings was a revelation! Circa 2002. Of course, at that time, the latency through the system was much greater even at low resolutions and the Blur actor was a frame rate killer. I think the effect had been demonstrated by @mark in an early online video and was an Isadora staple effect that gave the quality of a bloom or glow of light generated through live capture.

    best wishes