• Hi Everyone! I am trying to use Isadora as a sampler. I am triggering a sound player via a midi controller button. I recognized quite a noticeable latency before the sound is being heard, too long for my needs. My sound Card (RME Babyface) is set to a Buffer Size of 128, which results in a very playable Performance in Ableton. Is there a way to reduce audio latency in Isadora? THX :)

  • If it's a mac, I've noticed the macs audio goes to sleep. So I keep it awake by using a pulse gen. Set the┬ásound players volume to 0.

    Try this.Audio Test.izz

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    @craigw Huw do you sed that the audio "goes to sleep"?


  • When all of my macs site untouched for 15sec or more then I trigger an audio sound effect it is late. If the mac stays active the sound effect is accurate.