[SOLVED] Opacity adjustment before Projector

  • Hi there everyone :) To save resources, I am using a MultiMix beforehand a Projector to sum up 8 Videostreams/Pictures. Perfectly economical solution. Only thing is, I need to be able to control the opacity of each stream individually before it enters the MultiMix! Any suggestions please? THX :) :) :)

  • @salimelo

    Video Fader actor

  • YOU Saved my day. Was just going through the manual - I was at: Sound player ;) Thx a lot, have a super day :) 

  • you're welcome. i use the Video Fader into Multimix combination regularly - often linked directly to the slider channels of a Korg NanoKontrol. the slightly confusing thing about it is that at zero it lets the video stream through, but at 100 its fully faded across to the background colour, so i tend to swap the MIN and MAX values so it works more like a hardware mixer.