• Hi All, I am looking for a solution to play youtube videos & remote videos in Isadora. I would like to be able to enter the youtube vidoe's URL or a direct url to a video hosted on a web server and have full playback controls with it. 

    Has anyone already made something like this, or is there anyone on here that could build us a custom plugin. We can discuss a price if anyone would be interested? 

    Kind Regards


  • Tech Staff

    Hi there Aled2305,

    Isadora isn't capable of getting YouTube videos straight from the web since we don't have any APIs that can do this properly. To do so you will need to use a communication protocol with for let's say Processing (Don't really know or this can play this kind of videos without getting some massive workarounds) that then streams the image back using something like a Spout Canvas.

    + The fact that you need Playback controls, you can do this quite simply with YouTube Player plugin for JavaScript.

    All with all, no I don't think that anyone has ever done it, and if so I think the method is no longer working since YouTube is always changing and if you wish to have such a plugin the price would be quite high..

  • Tech Staff

    So I digged around a bit, the most easy way to do this would be using VLC, VLC can stream YouTube videos in quite a good rate and send that over to NDI with the NDI Tools found on the NDI website. To use the NDI stream we need to convert NDI to Spout to get it in Isadora, regarding the sound, you can theorically use Virtual Audio Lines as your Output on VLC and your Input in Isadora.. Or they will be in sync is the real question here..

    You can control the Play / Pause / Forward button with Remote commands using TCP. So basically it is possible with Isadora and the TCP actors.

    Good luck to the brave soul that takes this challenge ;)

  • @juriaan


    there is a syphon version of vlc. But you have to build it yourself. Did not test it yet!


  • Izzy Guru


    You don't have to build it yourself https://github.com/rsodre/VLCS...

    Best Michel

  • Great, thanks for the help I really appreciate it. I'll have a look into both options and post an update with my results :)