[ANSWERED] Is there ever a need to code within Isadora?

  • Not sure which category this falls under.. I'm wondering, would there ever be a reason to code within Isadora?  I researched the topic online and found that Isadora does not seem to involve coding under regular circumstances.  However, a production manager at a theater told me that anyone he hires for his design team has to be able to "code in Isadora", and wanted to know if I had experience with that.  I told him no, but I'd look into it.  So I just want to ask the community here, whether there'd ever be a need to code, and in what language?  It's always possible he uses the word "coding" because he maybe hasn't worked much with it himself, and just assumes coding is involved.  I wanted to confirm it here before I second guessed his words and asked him if he really meant to say "coding."   Obviously, I know that if there's a coding feature built in, it's probably for advanced users and not so much beginners.  I'd appreciate if any of you could weigh in and let me know if (and under what circumstances) coding is involved, what language is used, and if possible, a link with more information would be really helpful.  Thanks!

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    Well there are the JavaScript actor and the GLSL Shader actors. But I guess he used the term coding and was talking about the visual programming environment.

    Best Michel

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    Hi there,

    Isadora uses a JavaScript actor for 'advanced' topics, most of the time I use Javascript to make certain actions more cleanly. (Almost) all stuff that can be done with JavaScript can be done with the Isadora actors, the thing is that it takes more time to do so then write some clean code in some cases ;) That is why I code in Isadora, personally I think that your Production manager thinks that you need to code to make something in Isadora, and that is entirely not the case.

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    Michel and Jurrian have indicated the elements within Isadora that are activated directly by the input of code statements. There are a couple of other elements that require code like configurations, although they do not involve complete code statements. For example configuring network and system settings such as IP, Artnet, Serial Port, Open Sound Control e.t.c

    Additionally, I have found that many productions involve system interfaces that require coding in other software that Isadora plays with. For example, Processing and Arduino/microcontoller are great companion programs that require direct coding to work with Isadora.

    So in my mind although Isadora is a node based visual programming environment, the integration of it into a broader system of production, at times, requires elements of code.

    Best wishes