• Hello everyone,

    I was wondering whether someone could help me out buy the right products.

    I have Windows 10 in my laptop. I want to use Kinect camera for  Isadora. I am happy to buy the license.

    I know that Kinect is not compatible always with Isadora so I should make sure I buy the right one. 

    Any advice?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • Tech Staff

    Ooops, I missed that you have windows 10 on your laptop.

    I would suggest getting the Xbox One Kinect Seonsor AND the Xbox One Kinect adapter.
    You need both, since the Kinect comes with a plug for the Xbox only, and this needs to be adapted to USB3 for your laptop. (your laptop must have usb3)

    I suggest using Kinect2share: https://github.com/rwebber/kin... to interface the Kinect with Isadora.
    Kinect2share makes it very easy to get a number of the available video feeds from the sensor, as well as, the Body tracking data as OSC (opensoundcontrol).
    I am happy to help you with getting that working if you run into any issues (I built Kinect2share specifically to use with Isadora)