Weird stuff happening with Add Alpha Channel

  • I've been experiencing some very strange behaviour when using the Add Alpha Channel actor.  If I put a video effect (such as zoomer) in line before the alpha actor and then adjust settings on the effect, various things happen - none of which are related to the actual effect.

    Has anyone had similar experiences?
    Using 1.3f26 on OSX 10.8

  • Maybe you could define "various things happen" a bit more clearly. It doesn't give me enough to go on.

    -- M

  • I wish I could, but they are too weird to clearly categorize.  The typical situation is when I try and move the mask with a zoomer actor before the mask input (using the horz center and vert center inputs). Instead of moving the mask, the mask would slowly recede away.  Yesterday I had an even weirder phenomenon, when I tried to move the mask a lime green "doughnut" appeared around the mask (all the images I was using were black and white).

    Yesterday I switched the Add Alpha Channel out for an Alpha Mask actor, which seems to be working better.

  • Dear Craig,

    Well, if you have an example patch you can send, I'd like to take a look. Thanks in advance. But it somehow sounds like a feedback thing -- were you doing any kind of feedback (output of Alpha Mask back into the Zoomer) in some way?
    Best Wishes,