[SOLVED] Posenet to OSC to Isadora

  • Hello! I'm a bit of a newbie and am on a steep learning curve here, but I'm excited to be playing with these new webcam/browser-based tracking systems (PoseNet, etc)... I have got to a point where I am receiving input from this: https://github.com/tommymitch/... in Isadora. The model is running in the browser and I've got the ports connected,
    but it's only coming through on one channel, as in the pic below:
    The number of values is changing, but I don't know how to separate the data into different channels. I'm thinking it might be something in the javascript before it gets to Isadora, as I've had success with this one: https://github.com/kylemcdonal...

    Any help or other enthusiastic noobs very much welcome! :)

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    You can use the 'OSC Multi Listener' actor to see the data from a multi value OSC address such as this.

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    @beth5 said:

    I don't know how to separate the data into different channels


    Conveniently Isadora separates the data for you. As @DusX suggests it is a matter of using the OSC Multi Listener. Here is an example where 132 osc values are streaming through channel 2. The OSC Multi Listener is then set to a 'base chan' of 2 with 132 'num chan'. The OSC Multi Listener will then open up to accommodate the number of data channels specified with an option to show the channel names.

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  • Thanks all!