• hi people. I just wanted to let you know that I do not see correctly all the text in the compression settings for stage recording. see picture attached.


  • Tech Staff


    This is a dialog provided by Quicktime, and since Apple is no longer developing quicktime, it will not be updated.
    On Windows: Luckily the issue is cosmetic only. It may be hard to read, but it still functions.
    On Mac: this is not an issue.

    The up coming Isadora 3, has removed Quicktime entirely, and you are presented with a different method of setting up you codec selection for recording.
    It uses the native directshow system on Windows and AV foundation on Mac.

    For reference, the text which appears unreadable in the 'Motion' section is:

    • Frame rate (followed by 30 in the image above)
    • frames (define the number of frames between keyframes)
    • KB/sec (limit the data rate to this value)

  • thanks for the info!