• Hello- I am way new to Isadora, second time opening the software for a projection design class. We are making Isadora files that are supposed to appear interactive. Please pardon any incorrect terminology, I am a lighting designer and I am very new to this!

    I am making a bunch of flowers bloom on a cactus, each flower is comprised of photographs of it in different bloom progression (bud, bigger bud, bigger, even bigger, flower) and there are seven flowers total (so, a total of 49 stages).

    I have put each photo in it's own stage, and I can click between them to make the flowers appear to "bloom" when a person picks a bud. I would like to set them up to be triggerable out of order, but the Keyboard Watcher only seems to recognize "a" as a clickable value? I have tried typing in "d" and other letters on my keyboard and it is not responding?

    I would also like to capture the last image of the final bloom and carry it over to the next scene of whichever bud is selected to bloom next. So as to create a total in-full bloom cactus. Is there a variable actor that would capture the last value used, and then insert it into the following scenes, without them having to operate in order of buds A-H, instead in random order based off of interactive choice "I want A, and now I want C, and then H"?

    For example, the image included. I would like to have the blooms carry over, to the bud. I know how to do this if I make them in order, it's the out of order variable that intrigues me.

  • Hello, i'm new to isadora too so anybody, correct me if i'm wrong..

    About the keyboard watcher you can change the trigger letter, you just have to select the value and then press first the single quote, then the letter you want, and then single quote again

    eg.: 'd'

    you can also use activate scene actor which will leave the scene activated until you deactivate it with deactivate scene actor 

    is this helpful? 

  • Tech Staff


    Yes that is correct what you write. 


    You may have missed that you need to type single quotes before and after the letter. And you have to use single quotes 'a' not double quotes "a".

    Best Michel

  • @helendeneb

    Hi, I guess the 'Shuffle' actor might be the way to randomize things the way you want. Here's a proof of concept for you (2.6.1).




  • @HelenDeneb 

    It could be done with very simple way, I believe.

    This is basic idea of the example patch: bloom.izz.zip

    Hope this could be helpful for you.



  • @alice Does the activate scene require you to pre-select the scene you want to maintain activated? Or, can it be a scene selected live during play?

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @HelenDeneb,

    The Activate Scene Actor knows two modes :

    1. Relative
    2. Absolute

    Both can be used live, so basically all you need to give the actor is the mode, the number of the scene that you wish to activate and give it a trigger. Live / Pre-select doesn't matter :)

  • @HelenDeneb 

    look at this post to see how it works: https://support.troikatronix.c...

    i don't have isadora now with me to give it a try but maybe try to put the activate scene actor inside the scene you want to activate. So when you press the letter for the scene you want live, it will stay activated.