• I am trying to save sound produced in Isadora, the same way you would record a movie with "start recording stage"  (which does not record audio btw) and cannot managed.
    Actually the way I resorted to at the moment is not the best, I'm selecting SoundFlower in Sound Output Setup and then select QT7 to record. The fact is that i this way I cannot hear what I'm doing...
    Would t not be possible to implement sound recording as well in the stage recording???

  • Izzy Guru

    You can get around this. Set the sound output of the system to soundflower and in Isadora use the "Sound Input" actor and the "AudioDeviceOutput" there you set the device setting to Built-in Output. Now you can record via Soundflower in Quicktime and listen to the Sound at the same time. If you don't hear anything quickly toggle the active input of the "AudioDeviceOutput" off and on again.


  • Some times soundflower acts weird. With some apps I can not get the routing to work. There is Wav Tap(Mark's recommendation) that seems to be more reliable.

  • Wav Tap ??? Did I recommend that?

    I always use Audio Hijack Pro. That's a great little app.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    Sorry it was not you, but sculpture. But topic was your recommendation for sound recording
    I have been using this for routing sound on mac since then.

  • before I bother the forum I had made a search for the subject
    audio recording
    :"audio recording"
    "recording audio"
    couldn't find anything. Is there a limitation on the search time wise? Is there a way to improve the search engine?

  • Izzy Guru

    it depends if someone is using the word sound and you search for audio, the search engine can't find it. But there is something everybody can do to enhance the search results, the person opening a post can fill in tags, there you post all related words to your post. audio, sound, recording, soundflower, sound output etc.