Displaying and compositing images as they are downloaded to hard drive

  • Wondering whether isadora is the appropriate tool for a theatre performance where we download audience content in real-time, and use it on the video projectors. 

    I have a script that is downloading images to a folder on my computer. Is there anyway to have Isadora process these in real-time, as they are downloaded into the folder? These images would then need to be composited and displayed on up to 7 different screens.

  • Tech Staff

    Short answer, not really. Isadora doesn't has Dynamic Media support, what you can do through is use some creative coding to bypass that. Basically we use Processing to create a Spout Image (Basically a image that is shared multiple applications using your GPU)

    It is workable and stable, the patch time only takes longer. Please see my example project here : https://community.troikatronix...

  • Izzy Guru


    If you are on Mac you can try Jamie's Tutorial with apple script here: http://www.jamiegriffiths.com/...

    Best Michel

  • I've used Jamie's Apple Script idea to automatically import jpegs as they are added to a folder. if you use a Get Media Count actor linked to a Counter, you can automate the process. I built an installation that enables users to add a screengrab of themselves to an ever-growing animation.