[ANSWERED] Accessing Data from Data Array

  • Hello I am wondering if there is any way to access the data that I collect in a data array in Isadora rather than in a .txt file. In other words, can I access the data in the data array in Isadora? Any feedback would be fantastic, thank you!

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    The Data Array actor can both write data to a.txt file as well as read data from a .txt file. The data is tab delimited. the Data Array does not work without the .txt file extension and it will create a new .txt file if one is not assigned to it.

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    And be sure to take a close look at the actor help. it does have a bit of a learning curve.

    A few tips if you want to to read the data from a pre-existing data file around formatting and cleaning your dataset:

    * save your file as a tab deliminated file with the ending .txt with no other formatting

    * must not have a header row

    * all data in a given column needs to be of the same data type (int, float, string). Different columns can have different data types

    * null values can cause problems. I typically remove them.

    * and if you're familiar with python the "pandas" library (available as an anaconda and jupyter distro) is very helpful for cleaning large data sets for integration w/ izzy.

    * remember to use UTF-8 encoding

    * and finally - be sure to click read on the data array once your data file is in place. change the recall value to the line you want to access.....

    Good luck!