• Hey,
    I have a problem. when I release the next "q" with a space (from q1 to q2), it skips to the next action in the project, the video stops and displays the file from q1. 
    With each subsequent press of the spacebar I have the same frozen image with q1. In the settings I have everything matched to the video. I have 2 outputs. 
    This is happening on two computers, no matter what my computer parameters are. Help !!!
    Ps: One more thing. How can i set the mapping the same for all "q" using global values?

  • @malibu

    I'm not sure about cue to cue issues, but if your mapping is too complex for the Stage Setup and you need to use IzzyMap, then you have a few options:

    - create a user actor that contains 2 Projectors and User Inputs. use this instead of the projectors in each scene. when you change the mapping it will update the mapping in all instances of the user actor.

    - copy and paste projectors into each scene (bad idea)

    - build a separate scene that uses a couple of listeners that feed projectors. replace the projectors in your other scenes with broadcasters and keep this scene active as you scroll through your cue scenes. (there's an Activate Scene actor that does this)

  • Tech Staff


    If you're willing to post your patch I can take a look. It may be that your approach is not optimal.

    Best wishes,