• Trying to crossfade between two 3D projectors, and having issues. Both the 3D projector and the quad distort don't seem to allow a crossfade - they allow a fade out, but not a crossfade, either between scenes, or internally within a scene - what happens is the first video fades well, but appears to block the other, as when the fade is complete, the second image pops up. I'm wondering if the rectangle from the 3D projector is blocking the image. Wonder if this is due to how Isadora treats 3D space? 

  • Hey Alex,

    Is the 'Depth Test' turned on for the 3D Projector Actor? If so, I believe it uses the z-coordinates to render the image, when off it uses the 'layer' and should work and fade more like a typical projector actor. I think I had a similar issue a while back and that was the solution for me.



  • Tech Staff

    if you output 2 virtual stages first you might bypass this issue. (Bug fixed in Isadora 3)