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    we are running a windows 10 I9 processor.  we have two GeForce 1070 cards bridged together. All content and Isadora are running on the same SSID. Let me know if you need more info.  here are the few problems we are having.  our content is all pro res.  We have tried h264 and hap.  and pro res seems to be best. And yes we have tried many different codecs to get to this point. 

    1-we are only using about 20% of the GPU.  and things are choppy, especially with issue 2 below.  Is there a way to make it use more of the GPU to help thing be smooth?

    2-When we go from one que to the next we get a "bump" when the fade is over and izzy goes to the next que screen.  And it happens every time. on every scene.

    3-we have to stop the engine to save the file or it crashes.  any ideas?

    4-other random rashes but maybe solving the above will solve this ;)

    Thanks Jared

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    Please file a support ticket using the link in my signature.

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