A question about 3d projection

  • Hi folks, I've been playing around with 3d projection.
    my method so far is to hook up 2 DLP projectors each with a polarising filter over the lens (one for the right eye image and the other for the left eye), and then within my scene I have 2 projector actors each playing a separate video file that corresponds to either the left or right eye.

    As long as I've focused both projectors properly we're laughing.

    However, it would be nice to use a less complicated hardware setup, involving less projectors and less cabling.

    I know that there are bespoke 3d projectors out there that can be fed a 3d image through a single HDMI cable. That sounds great, but does isadora support this in any way? if so; how do I set it up?

    My current solution does the job, but I'm always looking to make my life easier.


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    @primaldivine Any thoughts?

  • @thatmattrogers 

    A lot of 3d enabled projectors support side by side or top to bottom split 3d movies. You can then use shutter glasses to view the 3d image. Often a sync generator for the shutter glasses control is needed. The way you are doing it now has less gear as you don't need to sync polarised glasses, or you could go to anaglyph.