scene stucks and isadora crashes (different problems)

  • Hello, 

    Im having a problem (sometimes, not always) when i'm changing a scene by clicking on its name. it happens randomly, not often, and not on the same scenes so I can't recreate it...

    The problem is that while the scene has changed and I see the right patch, it continues to show the previous  scene on the stage. This hasn't happened yet when i use the jump actor.

    Another problem i'm having is with a user actor. When i click inside and change some values it crashes isadora. Again not every time. 

    Do you know a usual suspect for this behaviour?

    Thank you very much

  • * i'm using High Sierra on a mac Pro 

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there Alice,

    Welcome to the Isadora community forum, without your patch / your user actor we can't verify or this is a 'broad' issue. Please get in touch with the Isadora support team by creating a new ticket here https://support.troikatronix.c..., they will adress your ticket urgently :)

    For now :

    Could you upload the User actor so that we can have a look ? 

  • Juriaan thank you for the quick reply,

    Yes i can send it tomorrow from work, i don't have isadora at home..

  • So, this is the scene with the user actor.. Again it doesn't happen every time