• Heya guys, 

    I'm back again with another project which Isadora chooses not to like, this time with Arduino's sending OSC to Isadora. 

    So, we are having a issue with Isadora not seeing OSC, @15fellowsjo has been working with me on this, trying the usual stuff such as changing IP, subnets, ports and so on. 

    Attached is a OSC listener which we have been using to test that the OSC is being recieved by the computer. This OSC Listener is successfully seeing the OSC which leads us to thinking it could be an Isadora issue? 

    Arduino Code: https://gitlab.com/snippets/18...

    Isadora Patch: (@15fellowsjo could you upload something for me xD)

    Example packet: "/doors/1(int),0(int)"

    Prerequisites to testing are Arduino, and Ethernet Shield, using pins 3, 5,6,7 and grounding them to deactivate.  

    All and any help will be greatly appreciated, 

    Kind regards,

    Jonathan S

    Backstage Academy Student

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there, Isadora doesn't like your way of sending data.. I would personally go for the following code :

    void osc_doors(int i, int doorID)
    OSCMessage msg("doors/" + doorID);   
    if(debug == true) Serial.print("/doors");  
    if(debug == true) Serial.print(doorID);  if(debug == true) Serial.print(",");  
    if(debug == true) Serial.println(i);  
    Udp.beginPacket(outIp, outPort);  
    msg.send(Udp); // send the bytes to the SLIP stream  Udp.endPacket(); // mark the end of the OSC Packet  msg.empty(); // free space occupied by message

    This will create the following :

    Adress :


    With value : i