[SOLVED] How to dedicate a movie/picture player to only one specific bin...?

  • And not to all the elements imported ?

    I have 3 different video or picture bins, I'd like to have one picture/video player dedicated to each of them, and not have the full list of elements to scroll everytime.

    Is that possible ?

    Thank you for helping !


  • Izzy Guru


    I am not sure what you exactly want to have here. If you want a movie player to only be possible to select certain movies you can change the min and max value, to access that pop up click on the name "movie". For example the first movie bin contains movie numbers 1-8 and the second movie bin contains movies 9-15 you change the min value to 1 and the max value to 8 for the first movie player. See picture below:

  • @donald

    You can use the 'get Media index' actor to limit the IDs by media bins



  • Thank you so much, I did it and it worked great ! Thank you two :)