• Hi All,

    Im wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.

    Im trying to send a Midi Sysex message to a midi controller, and I need to send the command "F0 00 20 29 02 11 78 B0 00 00 F7" but when I try and enter that into the sysex actor I get the error "Invalid Value - greater than hex 7F."

    Ive tried send the same value with Bomes and it worked fine, any ideas?


  • Tech Staff


    I believe this is a bug. I am adding this to our bug tracker, and will have it fixed for an upcoming release.  [Not a bug]
    It appears any Value starting with a Letter placed between F0 and F7, is causing this same error.

    Mark "It is illegal to have a value between hex 80 and hex FF in the middle of a sys ex message because all of these value are command bytes. (e.g., hex 90 is a Note On message on MIDI Channel 1) The error Isadora is giving is correct. The Send Raw MIDI actor removes this limitation, allow you to send whatever you want, even if it is illegal."

    so @EdJoynson please try using the Send Raw Midi actor instead.

  • @DusX 

    This worked, thank you!