• Hi, I have an opportunity and am looking for someone either in Shanghai or China or who already has a visa and lives nearby to give 2 x 3day workshops in Isadora in the first half of July this year. I was to do it but am needed elsewhere now. Either reply to this or preferably email me on tim[at]grup.tv for more details. This is a fully paid situation with accomodation etc depending on what is needed. It is to first year Digital Art Students at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. here's hoping, Tim

  • Hi,Tim.  I am in Shanghai.  I am a teacher in Shanghai Theatre Academy. Welcome to Shanghai.

  • @ppp586 Hi, Would you be interested and able to take the workshop. I am a professor at SAFA. The workshop is really being organised by one of the other teachers. I was asked to do it but some other matters have come up demanding my attention.

  • Hi Tim, what are the days in July? I will be in Taipei this July and might be able to do the workshop.

  • @raysun The plan has some flexibility.It was to be in the fortnight Monday 1st to friday 13th. July

    30 first year digital art students

    I proposed cutting the group in half and doing 15 students Mon/Wed/Fri each week.

    As I Say this is all flexible.

    It was not to be my workshop originally  One of my colleagues and friends here at Shanghai academy of fine arts, had another international artist lined up for the fortnight and it fell through. I offered to try and help and because I have both done IZZ workshops before and am setting up a research lab here that will include IZZ - I thought it might be a good fit. Now my time has been demanded elsewhere. 

    SO really whatever might be possible. There is a budget and accomodation etc.

    I look forward to hearing back form you


  • Thanks for the reply Tim, do you mind to share your email with me? raysun04[at]gmail.com



  • @timeg  I can take this workshop and i may give me helps:)  

    I am a professor in digital media art. I alse use Isadora to do the work in the field of theatre.

  • @ppp586 That is great news 

    Please email Jane Zhang on 


    She is in charge of the workshop and you can discuss it with her directly. 

    please also CC me on timeg(at)shu.edu.cn

    Many thanks Tim

  •  This workshop is now well underway with @ppp586 and I running it for 45 students. IZZ3 is brilliant and once again I am overwhelmed at how great this platform is for artists, students and pretty much anyone wanting to do this stuff we all undertake. Bravo to Mark and the team.