• I’ve just loaded up an older patch of mine to find that all my content that had transparency now reads as a black background. It’s reading this way in the media list before it even gets dropped in the patch. I’ve checked my source content and it is all built correctly. Might this be caused by the fact that that I’m running Mojave? 

    Thanks for any help. 

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    What is the codec and wrapper of the content you are using? I'd recommend using the free tool AVF batch Converter to convert you media to HapA or APR 4444.

    Also mouse over the line between the Movie Player and the Projector and see if it says "premult" or "unpremult". It's worth switching the "alpha mode" input at the bottom of the Movie Player to see if that has any effect.

    As you said it could also be something to do with running Isadora 2 on an unsupported operating system. It's not designed for Mojave and Mojave isn't best friends with it either (because it's a 32-bit application).

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  • I've had mad trouble with transparency in Isadora on Mojave (I updated back in September, knowing I wouldn't need it until March by which point I would have migrated to Izzy3).

    I narrowed my issues down to the zoomer actor pumping out premultiplied video, even when I was sending it straight alpha.

    Adding an alpha tool actor in the patch (with action: premult) immediately after the zoomer fixed it for me.