[ANSWERED] Play images direct from disk ?

  • Is there any way to load images directly from disk in real time in a patch, to then use as if they were normally loaded pictures played through a picture player?  We will have unknown quantities of images, and they would be deposited into different folders, for use in different scenes, not just all to be used in one single scene.  New items could be deposited into these source folders at any time once the show is already running, and there will not always be a human operator managing Isadora.  They would be used in a show that also uses traditionally-added media from the media window.  I think these requirements taken together might make it difficult to try and accomplish this with any available apple-script commands even if we can be sure the show will be run on Mac (it indeed most likely will be on Mac). 

    Is this something that one could achieve via the SDK if there is no existing way to do it?

    thanks for any advice

  • Tech Staff

    Hi there,

    Using Processing I created the Dynamic Media bins for Isadora, check it out here https://community.troikatronix...

    And you always contact me for changes (DM or email at hello@juriaan.me) in exchange for a couple coffees 

  • Thanks so much. I'm on mac, so i switched your code over to use Syphon, and got it working (though with a strange image flip that I don't yet understand the cause of)

    I'm looking to load work with use multiple images within a scene, rather than just one, but this sketch gives me some ideas of how to get started, using Processing.