• Hi all,

      I'm hoping to control my City Theatrical external dowsers through Isadora. We have an ethernet line run out to where the DMX power supply will live (about 200 feet away from my computer), and I need to find the right DMX interface that will get me from that ethernet line into DMX. I've been looking at the Enttec ODE Mk2, and it looks good except that I don't see Isadora on their list of supported programs. Does anyone know anything about this?

    There had been a similar post to this a few years ago called "Enttec Open DMX vs Enttec DMX USB Pro", and in that post it was recommended that you should use the DMX USB Pro. I'm wondering if anything has changed in the past few years, especially with the new v3 update.


  • (to clarify, the main reason I'm looking at the ODE Mk2 right now instead of the USB Pro is because it would be a lot easier for me to connect over ethernet than usb, so if anyone has any suggestions as far as that goes I would be happy to hear it)

  • Hi,

    The Enttec ODE MK2 can be used with isadora.

    It supports Artnet input, and isadora can output artnet, with a plugin to download here.

    Don't be afraid by the fact that Enttec is not naming isadora in the case of the ODE MK2 device, as you will be using ARTNET, an industry standart.

    Hope that helps

    All the best


  • Excellent, that's exactly what I wanted to hear, thanks!

  • Tech Staff

    I use the eDMX units from DMXking.

    A little lower cost. https://dmxking.com/artnetsacn...

  • Hi, @DusX 

    For what I see the DMXking devices supports only DMX output ?

    Am I wrong ?

    I appreciate having DMX IN also, and being able to convert it to ARTNET.



  • Tech Staff


    The next product up in the line gives you everything (I think), https://dmxking.com/artnetsacn...
    Both DMX port function as outs ( I believe you can configure 1 to be an input) this is because this node provide 2 universes of output. (might be best to browse the manual)
    I don't have this one.. I have an older USB DMX unit that provide 2 universe out and 1 universe input, as well as, a 1 universe output only Artnet node.
    I have also built artnet controlled LED projects using the LeDMX4 multi-universe artnet controller for RGB pixels.

    I have never had any issue with any of my products.

    PS: are you in town during the Werkstatt this year?

  • @keftaparty

    I've got a eDMX2pro from DMXKing and i'm very happy. The device has two ports and each one can be configured as input or output.