[LOGGED] weird video when combining QC video effect with video 1920x1080...

  • First of all. Thanks for Izzy 3. It is a pleasure to explore the changes. While playing around with QC actors I changed my video input from a file 512x288 file (everything works fine) to a file 1920x1080 and got this result: 

    Notice the odd shape in the upper right corner. 
    I expected something wrong with mapping, but already the input into the projector shows this. (The picture underneath shows a different file 1280x720, therefore the odd shape in the right upper corner is smaller.)

    Following the signal back it shows, that the video ci-out of the effect already shows this weird behaviour.

    I tried other qc effects with the same result. Does this qualify for a bug report?

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    I tried the same patch, and see the same results, looks like a bug 3.01 / 10.14.5

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    Please submit a bug report, but include the test images, and these reference photos.
    Since no image of the clean reference photo is included here is difficult to see exactly what has happened.

    The QC actors, like the CI actors are supplied by the Mac OS, and may have unexpected behaviour. 
    We have compiled a list of troublesome CI actors in the Knowledge Base.

  • @dusx and @barneybroomer: I have submitted a ticket with screenshots and a file... ;o)

  • @dusx

    I tried this out of curiosity and have the same effect. Happens with both video and still images.