[ISSUE LOGGED] OSC to isadora-multi not working with strings ?

  • Hi I am encountering an issue with receiving OSC with multiple arguments via the address /isadora-multi   using OSC Listener

    When I use this method to send multiple integers, it seems to work fine.  However, when I try to send multiple strings, it fails.  For example, if I send /isadora-multi/2 "first" "second" "third"  then the result is that OSC listener on channel 101 receives nothing, channel 102 receives "third" and channel 103 receives nothing.  I see similar issues when I try to combine an argument that is a number with multiple arguments that are strings.  It looks in the Monitor window that the full collection of strings is making it through, however, and the issue is how they are being lost to the OSC Listenter 

    If I send /isadora-multi/2 1 "second" 3   (integer followed by string followed by integer), i get correct results (channel 101: 1, channel 102: "second", channel 103: 3)

    However if I send /isadora-multi/2 1 "second" "last" (integer followed by two strings), I get channel 101: 1, channel 102: "last" and nothing comes through to channel 103.  The second string seems lost altogether, and the last string goes to the wrong channel.

    I see similar behavior if I try to use the OSC-Multi Listener.

    Is there a known issue with multiple string values in an osc packet?

  • Tech Staff

    Thank-you, I have confirmed this issue.
    It is in our issue tracker now.

  • @dbengali

    Thanks for the bug report. This bug was in 2.6.1 as well... I guess no one encountered it before. I've fixed it in v3 and the fix will appear with the next point release (3.0.2) which is coming shortly.

    Best Wishes,