• The Digital Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, together with the Digital Media Art Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, has launched the Isadora Joint Workshop on Digital Media Creation.

    Course  Content

    In this coursewe will use Isadora as a creative tool to develop digital media art works. Isadora is a digital media interactive control software developed by TROIKATRONIX company in Germany. It combines the video and audio processing engine of a media server with a hyper-flexible visual programming environment to create an incredibly versatile media playback platform. Whether you are an artist, a designer, a technician or a student, you are able to craft unique environments, improvise and produce experimental experiences through the immersive, reactive system Isadora provides. Top artists use Isadora to create compelling live performances and interactive installations. Isadora is also one of the most flexible and easy-to-use programs. Are you ready to explore the digital media art world?

     Course Mentors      

    Tim Gruchy : New Media Artists Visiting Professor, Art Director of Digital Art Department, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

    Jingping Zhang: Associate Professor of Creative School of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Director of Digital Media Art Teaching and Research Section, Technical Director of Key Laboratory of Digital Performing Arts Integration and Innovation Ministry of Culture. He has extensive experience in the design and creation of interactive art for performance and new media.

    Yujie Zhang: Project Director of Interactive Media Art Joint Course,Faculty of Digital Art Department of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, engaged in digital art, public art research and practice

    Course schedule

    Day1: 2019/7/1   9:0016:00  Overview of global Media Art development, Introduction of visual interactive creation tool Isadora

    Day2: 2019/7/3   9:0016:00 Introduction of Isadora scenarios and related methods and skills expansion

    Day3: 2019/7/5   9:0016:00 Isadora interaction design and interface customization

    Day4: 2019/7/8   9:0016:00 Brainstorming, using Isadora for media art creation

    Day5: 2019/7/10   9:0016:00 Mapping experiment and guidance

    Day6: 2019/7/12   9:0016:00 Isadora's advanced applications and creative sharing among teams

     Course venue : Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts,  99 Shangda Road