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    Someone who wants to show/tell some basics between Isadora and lighting?

    On the other hand, somewhat more complex to use and understand is ArtNet. We have dedicated actors for this on our Plugins page (64 bit actors for Isadora 3 are here), but you'll need devices that receive ArtNet instead of DMX. This is commong for LED walls, but for actual lighting fixtures you'll need dimmer packs that receive ArtNet or else an ArtNet to DMX converter.

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  • @mark thanks a lot for all of this info !!


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    Note that users have had issues with the newer MK2 version because of the serial drivers required to work with it; I'd stick with the one I've listed here.

     Can confirm. My MK2 is now a brick and every time I needed to get it up and running (back when it did work) it was a hassle.

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    regarding DMX devices, I just bought this ArtNet <-> DMX Converter by Chauvet. I tested the Enttec ODE MK2 ArtNet <-> DMX controler before with QLC+. It worked immediately without any drivers or additional software out of the box. The Chauvet is pretty much the same, but cost less money. I didn't yet try the direct way out of Isadora with the ArtNet actors.


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    PS: I have recently added 2 User Actors to the Plugins page, to help with DMX control using Enttec compatible interfaces.

    see: https://troikatronix.com/plugi...
    and https://troikatronix.com/plugi...

  • Wonderful! Thanks so much for this, and all the other contributions you make!


  • @jjhp3

    I also suggest going the Artnet node way.

    Lighting has a standart ( Artnet ) that is now supported by most of the light manufacturers, and that is compatible with a simple network card on a computer.

    There you have no restriction of use, from Raspberry, to MacPro, to Android phone, to 50k$ lightdesk etc... Not so bad I feel !

    All usb devices are driver & OS dependant. 

    One other big advantage of an Artnet node when working in a venue, is that with a simple wlan acces point, you can go wireless for example during focus. That's not possible with a usb device.



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    To make things a bit more complicated there is not only ArtNet there also sACN. At the early days of ArtNet we first used it at our theatre but our network was often overloaded so we switched to sACN. ArtNet is UniCast and sACN is Multicast. But I think ArtNet solved lot of the problems of the early days.

    Best Michel

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    @michel said:

    But I think ArtNet solved lot of the problems of the early days

     Yes, I believe artnet 2 addressed these issues.

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    So in my daily practice as an scenographer / Lighting designer I use ETC Nomad, ETC makes great software called EOS that is basically a full light desk on your PC / Mac.

    When you are touring and you need to change the patch list to a new setup it makes sense to do that in software that is created to do so. Isadora is fully capable of doing small shows / basic setups, but when you are have enter and have to perform in the evening with an general rehearsal in between is makes sense to use such software to quickly busk between all your different lighting subs / color palette's / Cue's. A basic license for ETC Nomad (Students / Educators) is 250 USD with 2 Universes and an ETC Gadget II (Basically a USB adapter for your PC)

    Isadora has some great tools to connect with lighting desks, think about Midi Show Control :)

    For some really basic setups I agree with the above, either go with an Enttec USB DMX Pro if you really want something that is relliable and quick to setup with something like QLC+ or go down the ArtNet route and get some Enttec stuff as well :)

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    @juriaan said:

    A basic license for ETC Nomad (Students / Educators) is 250 USD with 2 Universes and an ETC Gadget II

     I need to go back to school or teach at a university so I can afford to get this

  • @woland they just ask for a simple certificate, i'm pretty sure you have some friend still student.... ;-)

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    I respect ETC too much to not play fair with them.